Why Customers Choose DrayMaster

October 9, 2019

6 minute read

Why Customers Choose DrayMaster

October 9, 2019

6 minute read

One of our large Freight Forwarding customers knew that to stay competitive they needed an automated drayage rate management tool integrated with their current dispatch system.

“The main thing we were looking for, and what we’ve gotten, is more accurate rate quotes,” remembers Tom Pratt. “It’s saved some pretty big headaches.”

The number one criteria was a tool that would integrate with their systems to provide accurate rates with the assessorial, equipment and toll charges included in the booking process.

“Two years ago the decision was made to put all of our contracted drayage rates in DrayMaster and use it.  After looking at other tools, we decided that DrayMaster could do a better job of managing rates for the 100+ drayage companies that we use.” Pratt recalls.

“Our whole operation is using DrayMaster. Every station in the U.S. has access to DrayMaster. We have 300 to 400 users that use our dispatch software. It has a really great integration with our dispatch system.”

“The average user doesn’t know that the rates are coming from DrayMaster. It’s all behind the scenes. They book their shipments the same way through their regular tools. It’s just that all of the rates and charges are API calls to DrayMaster.”

“It gives everyone in our system exposure to all of our truckers. In the past, San Francisco would know who to use in San Francisco. The way DrayMaster works is based off the zip code pairs. Users enter the information and hit a button. All of the vendors that service those zip codes will populate with a rate. They are displayed by cost. In some cases they could have a dozen different vendors to pick from.”

“I’ve got nothing but good things to say about DrayMaster. I haven’t had one issue at all, ever.  I literally have not ever had one complaint about DrayMaster at all about anything.”

When it comes to service, Pratt’s experience with the DrayMaster company has been excellent. “Working with DrayMaster’s operations people, like to onboard a new vendor into DrayMaster, they’re very helpful. They let me know of any issues.”

One challenge that Pratt recalls was getting his vendors to participate with DrayMaster in the beginning. “Most people don’t like change.” When a vendor resists using DrayMaster, Pratt explains it this way, “Look, you know we’re doing this to improve the service on both sides. This way we know that the rates are accurate. We don’t have billing disputes. You know you’re gonna get paid with far fewer disputes. There’s no downside to it.”

Once they understand that it’s a win-win, most vendors want to participate in DrayMaster. For any stragglers, Pratt tells them, ”It’s your call. If you don’t want to go through DrayMaster, we will no longer use you.” That’s usually the kicker.

“Occasionally we’ll get a new drayage vendor that we send straight to DrayMaster for on-boarding. In the last year, we we’ve setup and half a few dozen new vendors.”

“I wish everybody I worked with worked as well as DrayMaster. I have not had one complaint about DrayMaster since we started using it. It’s saving us a lot of money.”

See how DrayMaster can do the same for your operation. If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers can schedule a demo here.

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