Who knew drayage could be spicy?

Who knew drayage could be spicy?

Take the spicy Drayage quiz…

Question 1: What is Drayage?

Question 2: What are the six different types of drayage?

Question 3: How can you find drayage rates for your route?


Q1 – Drayage is the transportation of containerized freight between a port or inland ramp and a customer’s facility. Some people refer to it as as “cartage” or

Q2. To remember the six types of drayage, just remember the acronym SPICED (like pumpkin latte). The six types of drayage are:

  1. S is for “Shuttle” which is moving an empty or loaded intermodal unit from a hub to another parking lot because the railroad has run out of room at the hub.
  2. P is for “Pier.” Over-the-road movement of an intermodal unit from a carrier’s rail hub to a port’s dock or pier.
  3. I is for “IMX” or “Intra-Carrier” for moving of an intermodal unit from a carrier’s rail hub to the same carrier’s intermodal hub. IMX drayage extends the reach of an intermodal hub.
  4. C is for “Cross-Town” (also called “Inter-Carrier”) which is moving an intermodal unit “across town” from one railroad to another for continuance of the move.
  5. E is for “Expedited. ” Time-sensitive freight is moved in an intermodal unit over-the-road to get it there on time.
  6. D is for “Door-to-Door” which involves over-the-road movement of a unit to a customer location.

Q3. Drayage rates are ever-changing and should include all the charges for accessorials, tolls, chassis fees, etc. If a drayage quote doesn’t show these extra fees it’s likely causing some downstream problems.

The easiest way to manage and deliver the most accurate, all-in rates on the routes you need is by using DrayMaster.  It displays clear, consistent and professional quotes including  itemized rates with all the extra charges listed from all your vetted carriers in seconds.

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