When Times Get Tough, Truckers get DrayMaster

When Times Get Tough, Truckers get DrayMaster

You’ve seen articles like “Truckers warn of a ‘bloodbath’ as trucking companies go bankrupt and slash profit expectations” which tell us what you already know…times are tough right now.

The daily headlines are obituaries of one transportation company after another and everyone else is tightening their belts to survive.

In tough times, it’s the little things like the tools you use that can make or break your business.

Many 3PL’s, freight forwarders and brokers prefer to work with truckers who can use automation to eliminate all the time and effort it takes just to get transactional drayage pricing.

They don’t want to wait for a trucking company to email them quotes hours later. The trucker may miss a toll or assessorial charge than ends up biting the broker later. Brokers can’t risk their margins on the off chance an important charge will be left off or hidden in someone’s email footer.

Truckers using DrayMaster to manage and deliver pricing enjoy the benefit of their customers seeing their all-in rate quotes each day without lifting a finger.

DrayMaster works on port/zip code pairs. The broker lists the zip codes applying to their service area and DrayMaster displays a list of all the participating trucking companies that serve those lanes along with their rates, extra fees and special charges.

If you are in DrayMaster, your customers know you have been vetted and can trust you to deliver. When times get tough, DrayMaster is your key to survival.

If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers schedule a demo here.

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