Truckers, Get Paid Faster

September 25, 2019

4 minute read

Truckers, Get Paid Faster

September 25, 2019

4 minute read

Truckers, have you ever had an invoice in dispute for weeks or months, which really hurts your cash flow?

Our customer Tom Pratt has advice for how to get paid faster.

Getting your invoices paid quickly without disputes boils down to rate accuracy including having all the assessorial charges included in the quote up-front. The most effective way to do that without adding hours of time to each quote is to participate in DrayMaster.

Pratt tells trucking vendors, “We’re using DrayMaster to improve the service on both sides. This way we know that the rates are accurate. We have far fewer billing disputes. You’re gonna get paid faster. There’s no downside to it.”

“When we get a new drayage vendor, we automatically send them straight to DrayMaster for on-boarding.”

Pratt has seen the benefits of using DrayMaster first hand. So much so, that he’ll tell truckers who resist participating in the DrayMaster online tool, “It’s your call. If you don’t want to go through the DrayMaster process, it’ll be very difficult to use you.”

Why is Tom sold on using DrayMaster to interact with his vendors? There are several reasons and they all revolve around a central theme: everyone benefits from complete, accurate rate information…

  • First, cash flow is a trucker’s main priority. With DrayMaster truckers get paid faster because invoices aren’t disputed.
  • Second, forwarders and brokers are stuck holding the bag when they have already billed their customer based on an incomplete quote and then receive a bill with an extra $50 or $100 assessorial charge or toll on it. It’s too late to re-bill the customer, so they end up eating the extra cost. That can kill their margin.
  • Third, the process comes to a screeching halt when the invoice doesn’t match the estimated cost . It wastes everyone’s time. Accurate rate data means invoices closely match the accrued amount, minimizing disputes and improving customer-vendor relationships.

Highly accurate rate quotes mean better cash flow for truckers, better margins for brokers, less time and fewer headaches for everyone.

Participating in DrayMaster is the best way to deliver automated, all-in rate information. That saves hours of time up and down the supply chain.

If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers can schedule a demo here to see how easy it is to participate in DrayMaster and improve your cash flow.

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