Al Iannelli – Polaris Intermodal – Agency President

“I’ve seen other rate quote systems on the market and hands down, DrayMaster is the best! I would recommend it for anybody. It really gives you a quote with a professional, clean look.”

“What I’ve found is when you send out an email quote, people more readily ask you for a discount. When you send out the DrayMaster quote, it’s an official document, like a contract and you get less people asking you to lower the rate.”

“If I summed it up in a nutshell, if you’re a small trucking company that runs one location with 25 – 30 trucks, and you have DrayMaster, the customer has no visibility to the size of your company. You’ll look like you’ve got 500 trucks and can easily compete with the big guys.”



Troy Deocharran – OEC Group – Regional Vendor Selection Manager

“One of the things I like about DrayMaster is that they picked one thing and they’re doing it really well. They’re not trying to be a Jack of all Trades.”

“The way we’re utilizing DrayMaster to understand rates is way easier than the past of having to call or email the carrier and then wait for them to respond. Now, all the agreed upon rates are sitting there, you spend a little bit of time on the front end to get the rates developed, but once they’re developed you’re done, there’s no more admin behind it.”


Penny Tertzagian – MCO Transport, Inc. – Customer Support Supervisor

“The DrayMaster rate quote form is attractive, organized and professional when you send it to a customer. It definitely impacts your business and how you look to the customer. I feel like when we send out the DrayMaster quote, we have a good chance of getting the business.”

“I get a lot of calls and emails requesting rates and I use DrayMaster to produce them quickly. If a customer wants to go into DrayMaster themselves to see our rates, it’s set up for that too.”