Saving Money at OEC Group is as Easy as 1-2-3

Saving Money at OEC Group is as Easy as 1-2-3

When OEC Group adopted the DrayMaster as their central drayage cost management system, they weren’t 100% sure what to expect in operational improvements and cost savings.

The business case they built from initial evaluations identified hard and soft cost targets which couldn’t be fully quantified. But, they knew there must be a better way and like many progressive companies, used automation as the means for improvement.

Troy Deocharran, OEC Group’s Regional Vendor Selection Manager reported these improvements:

  1. “We gained visibility on the operations side of our pricing and comparing individual lanes on any given basis. It really saves time on the procurement side too. Also visibility to assessorial charges because that’s usually a black hole. Every trucker charges their own thing for every accessory. If you’re a big enough player, you need the ability to normalize that by market.
  2. DrayMaster cut down on admin. “We don’t have to send our New York guy or Chicago guy 20 different requests in one day asking for pricing. Everything is in the system.”
  3. Identifying areas that need rate adjustments or additional capacity. We can upload a two hundred point list and DrayMaster will return all of our truckers’ pricing plus any community rates that other truckers have put into DrayMaster. We put it into an Excel sheet and analyze standard deviation. That’s how we understand where we should change our rate.”

OEC Group is happy with the results.

“Our throughput has really multiplied. In the past a typical person could do 20 to 30 rates effectively in one day using Excel spreadsheets and a very weak software, ” remembered Troy. “With DrayMaster we can double or even triple that now.”

“We have a regional procurement team of eight using DrayMaster all-day, every day. I’d say DrayMaster allowed us to grow without adding one full desk saving in the neighborhood of $60,000 per year.”

“DrayMaster has been a perfect tool because we have thousands of rates in there. We can just adjust them very simply by percentage points. That ability to remain nimble and adjust our pricing saves a lot of work.”

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