How to Eliminate Mountains and Mountains of Email

January 10, 2019

4 minute read

How to Eliminate Mountains and Mountains of Email

January 10, 2019

4 minute read

How many emails a day to you send or receive just to get routine drayage pricing?

Brokers and Forwarders, do you maintain huge email distribution lists with every carrier you’ve done business with and fire off quote requests indiscriminately without removing companies that aren’t even in the port you’re quoting?

Carriers, how many emails do you get every day for ports you don’t even cover? Do you ever ask yourself “if I don’t respond will they think we aren’t interested in their business”? “I should probably tell them…..again…..our company does not service the XXX port”.

Or worse yet have you ever hit the dreaded REPLY ALL button by mistake? !!

Brokers and Forwarders, after all that you might have 20-30 email responses but only 5-15 actual quotes. You delete the emails with no rates, read all the ones with rates, then determine what you’ll quote your customer or who you’ll send the DO to – or maybe you have to send another email or two to clarify whether the quote included chassis and terminal fees first, is their quote all-in or maybe missing FSC?

There is a better way. When Brokers/Forwarders and their Draymen work together in the DrayMaster automated quote platform all tariffs get uploaded along with the relevant fees and accessorials. Rates are accessed online eliminating the need for all that email.

DrayMaster’s intuitive quote screen can be searched by city/state or zip code of the door point. It brings in all the ports and ramps within reasonable dray distance and displays the complete rate with all fees and charges in a matter of seconds for every approved carrier that services the lane.

When the Broker/Forwarder pulls a quote from DrayMaster the carrier automatically gets notified (yes, with email…but only one).

Think about how much more efficient this is.

I just saw an email quote request sent to 191 carriers. One hit the Reply All button to inform everyone they didn’t service that port and another Replied to All informing him that he (you guessed it) REPLIED TO ALL!

That’s 573 emails just to get a handful of quotes. Insane!

Brokers and Forwarders, this short video shows how DrayMaster works for you to stop the email insanity.

Carriers, this video shows how DrayMaster makes your life easier too.

If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers please schedule a demo here  and get out of email hell.

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