MCO Transport’s Secret Weapon for Fast, Secure and Accurate Rates

July 24, 2019

4 minute read

MCO Transport’s Secret Weapon for Fast, Secure and Accurate Rates

July 24, 2019

4 minute read

In the freight business, fast and accurate shipping rates are crucial. MCO Transport, a trucking company headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina, uses DrayMaster as their secret weapon for managing their rates and keeps them secure.

“I want to make sure our rate structure is correct behind the scenes
and that the rates are generating the margins they need to generate,” said Penny Tertzagian, Customer Support Supervisor at MCO Transport. “I have all the confidence in DrayMaster.”

“I trust that DrayMaster puts our rate structure in place. I enter the information that I need for it to generate a quote. We have rate security. When competitors are using paper rates, MCO Transport beats them with faster bids.”

“I use DrayMaster to quote rates daily. I love that. I love that it saves me some time versus our old way of pricing some spot rates.” Before DrayMaster, MCO Transport used spreadsheets to try to manage their rates. Each move required a custom quote. “There was just a lot of work involved,” remembered Tertzagian.

“DrayMaster cut at least half of the time to generate my my quote. In my past days, I would generate the quote using spreadsheets and then I would have to put it in a nice pricing format to email to a customer. I’d have to put it in a PDF and send it.”

“I’ve been at my company for twelve years and the amount of rate quotes from 12 years ago to now has just been crazy. I would do one or two a day so it was feasible to use spreadsheets. But now I get 10 to 15 quote today. With DrayMaster, I can work through it. I’m not behind, so I’m keeping up.”

“In DrayMaster, it generates the rate for me and it does a really nice print out. All the information, the lanes, the miles, the necessary tools, everything is listed out. And the actual quote form is so clean and it just looks so nice. It’s a great presentation. Customers always comment on the organization and neatness of the quote. It just just looks really professional.”

DrayMaster gave MCO Transport great efficiencies through standardization of the quotes, but also allows for customization, if necessary, on a quote. The best of both worlds.

“I am totally satisfied with the DrayMaster,” commented Tertzagian.

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