Instant Drayage Rate Quotes, International or Domestic, 24/7

Instant Drayage Rate Quotes, International or Domestic, 24/7

After DrayMaster handles onboarding your drayage partners’ rate details for you, you and your team will have 24/7 access to your truckers’ rates. Here’s an example of how DrayMaster runs a rate quote search for a typical International import of a 40′ container, delivered to Elgin, IL within our demo site.

  1. In DrayMaster, click on “Rate Quote” on the left side of the program.
  2. You’ll see a tab for International or Domestic. (Domestic in DrayMaster is based on 53′ rail-owned equipment where the chassis typically stays with the container.) Let’s start with an International search.
  3. Enter a city and state combination or a zip code from the dropdown box.
  4. Include community rates. Depending on the lane, you might get one or two rates back from truckers you’re not connected to.
  5. If you know the steamship line, choose it for more accurate pricing. But you have an option to select “not sure at this time.”
  6. For this example, we’ll say the Steamship Line is APL, not overweight, and not hazardous. This brings in all the ramps and ports within 50 miles of Elgin, IL, the city and state we entered.
  7. Choose the ramp or port you’re pulling out of, then click to find your rate. With this example, we got six results back within seconds.
  8. Now you’ll be able to see the company logo displayed, along with the trucking company’s name and SCAC code. The “Partner” flag means you are already connected with this trucking company within DrayMaster.
  9. By scrolling down, you’ll see the “Community Rate.” That means a trucking company has a community rate, but you are not connected with them yet.
  10. To connect with new partners, click the “Connect” button to “Send Invite.” That will email the new trucking company to connect with you in DrayMaster.
  11. Once they receive your invitation and accept it, they’ll assign rates they want your company to see. This information will now appear in your DrayMaster search results.

Watch this video to see the simple process:

Want to know if your specific requirements can work in DrayMaster? If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers schedule a demo here.

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