How to Get Your Drayage Invoices Paid Faster

April 9, 2019

4 minute read

How to Get Your Drayage Invoices Paid Faster

April 9, 2019

4 minute read

Cash is king in all businesses, especially trucking.  When your customers question legitimate fees and extra charges on invoices, they end up paying later.

Late payments can really put the squeeze on a trucking company’s cash flow.

The root cause of this problem is that the linehaul and fuel surcharge quote you are providing up-front to your customer isn’t matching the accrual they put on the books for that job.  When you finish the job, you add the tolls, accessorial fees, chassis charges, etc. to the invoice.  Those charges don’t match the original quote and that stops the invoice in its tracks.

It goes into “disputed” status and probably floats around until the questions and haggling is wrapped days or weeks later.  Then if you’re lucky 30 days after than, you finally get your money.

In the mean time, you’ve had to front the money for that job to pay your expenses.

One solution to this cash flow problem is to provide complete quotes to your customers upfront with all the expected charges included…every time.

That’s why more and more drayage carriers have adopted the DrayMaster system to manage the complexities of all their customers’ tariffs.  It’s a lot like the airfare ticketing system you may have used on your last vacation.

Notice how the DrayMaster Sample Quote shown above has all the known charges on the right side and possible charges on the lower left part of the page. That’s a complete drayage quote that customers love to receive and easily audit invoices against.

DrayMaster provides all-in, accurate drayage rate quotes to your customers automatically.  You control and can customize tariffs for each of your customers if you like, so you can have standard and preferred pricing for different customers.

This short video explains just how DrayMaster works for carriers.

Carriers using DrayMaster to provide quotes to their customers love the consistent format.  No charge is accidentally forgotten.

Their quotes and invoices always match with all known charges. That’s how their invoices get paid quickly with fewer questions and complaints and far less haggling after the job is done.

If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers schedule a demo here to see how DrayMaster can help your company get paid faster.

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