How Forwarders Get to the Next Level to Survive

How Forwarders Get to the Next Level to Survive

You must grow and achieve economies of scale to stay alive. On that we can all agree.

Here’s a great article that explains why it’s critical and the pitfalls…Digitization key to forwarders ‘reaching the next level’.

DrayMaster is a great way to start digitizing a small but critical aspect of your business without a huge infrastructure build.  It’s an easy online tool that your operations team access from their computers to access drayage cost information immediately

DrayMaster saves time, effort and costs. NOT only is it super fast, the DrayMaster system doesn’t forget all those little charges in your trucker’s email footer like toll charges, accessorial fees or chassis charges that affect your GP and cause invoice disputes later.

Arm you staff with the best digital drayage rate tool and productivity will jump while errors and invoice disputes will fall.

You can use DrayMaster as a stand-alone tool, or integrate it into other systems you are using. Either way, it will boost productivity immediately.

If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or Broker with a focus on intermodal first and last mile…register for our demo here and see just how easy the path to digitization can be!


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