Feeling the Squeeze?

Feeling the Squeeze?

Know the feeling? Have you felt your margin being squeezed when unexpected fees and charges show up on a trucker’s invoice? You already costed your file and billed your customer – and it’s too late to pass along those fees.

You are stuck in middle and end up eating the extra costs.

Freight forwarders like our customer Tom Pratt has experienced it first hand. “If an Operator dispatches a delivery order for $100 and enters that $100 expected cost into their system and then they get billed for $130, most of the time they already invoiced their customer and it’s too late to bill the extra charge back to the customer even if the additional charge is legitimate.”

To avoid this squeeze, companies are using the DrayMaster drayage rate management system which provides complete, all-in quotes including tolls, assessorials and equipment fees.

“We chose DrayMaster because, most importantly, the rates are more accurate. DrayMaster includes the extra charges where with other systems couldn’t…you know, the charges that are hidden in the email footer!”

“Before DrayMaster, the rates would come back and it wouldn’t include some certain assessorial charge or something,” Pratt remembers. “When the vendor would bill, of course the rates were different and there’d be a dispute. The users would get upset because the charge is $50 more. They might not be able to cover the extra cost.”

“We work with such small margins that you know if you lose 20 bucks, that’s a lot of the profit.” “What we like most about DrayMaster is that the rates are accurate. It’s saved some pretty big headaches.”

Invoice disputes are everyone’s headache which drag on for weeks or months and wastes time in the forwarder’s ops and finance departments not to mention on the trucker’s side. “I have not had one complaint about DrayMaster since we started using it,” Pratt affirms. “It’s saving us a lot of time and money.”

Break out of the squeeze with DrayMaster. If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers schedule a demo here.

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