DrayQuiz Time: Dwell Time, Free Time, Transit Time

DrayQuiz Time: Dwell Time, Free Time, Transit Time

What time is it? Test your knowledge of dray industry lingo and terms.

Question 1: What is Detention Time?

Question 2: What is Free Time? (hint: it’s not cable binge-watching time.)

Question 3: What is Transit Time?

Time is a valuable and scarce commodity. In the intermodal business, time really is money. Here’s how…

Answer 1: Detention Time

Also known as Waiting Time, is assessed by a trucker or other modal carrier when their equipment and/or driver are required by a shipper, consignee or circumstances beyond their reasonable control to wait at a pick up or delivery. Often there is a charge for this time passed along to the customer after some free time.

Answer 2: Free Time

The period allowed by the owner to accept delivery of freight before container storage or truck detention charges begin to accrue.

Answer 3: Transit Time

The period for freight to move between two points — i.e., from shipper to consignee.

Now that you know which time you are on, make the most of it!

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