DrayQuiz: Circus Ramp, Sleeper, Reefer

DrayQuiz: Circus Ramp, Sleeper, Reefer

How well do you know the intermodal industry and its lingo?

Q1 – What is a circus ramp?

Q2 – What (or who) is a sleeper?

Q3 – Driving a reefer means what?

Here are the definitions as provided by our friends at IANA in their glossary.

Answer 1: Circus Ramp

A ramp at the end of a rail track that allows a truck to back a trailer onto the flatcar. This was common in the early days of intermodal and is no longer a common practice as modern lift equipment is a more efficient way to load trailers and containers on railcars.

Answer 2: Sleeper

It is NOT someone who is asleep at the wheel!  It is a cabin of a larger semi-truck equipped with living quarters so a driver may sleep in the vehicle during long-haul trips or when mandated by Hours of Service regulations.

Answer 3: Driving a Reefer

Don’t get excited. Reefer is slang for a refrigerated container or trailer used for the transport of temperature or climate sensitive cargo like meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

So if you are taking a nap with a refrigerated trailer while parked at an old-school rail yard, does that mean you are a reefer sleeper at a circus ramp?

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