Drayage Used To Be a Local Game; Now You Compete Regionally or Nationally

Drayage Used To Be a Local Game; Now You Compete Regionally or Nationally

Relationships and pricing for first- and last-mile FCL door service have been traditionally local. Freight Forwarder offices in port and inland rail points–and their trusted truckers–built these relationships over years. They worked because both parties were focused on movement to and from their local terminals.

That’s changing rapidly, driven by centralization efforts.

Forwarders and National Brokers are taking advantage of putting staff with similar business acumen together to collaborate and improve their customers’ experience. And what customers value now are systems and transparency.

Today an Operator sitting in a control tower, say in Seattle, might be quoting and making pickups or scheduling delivery bookings for containers moving from Miami or New York or just about anywhere.

DrayMaster believes a company must have access to accurate and complete contract rate information to make its very best capacity selections–regardless of where its location is based or where in the US or Canada its handling freight. And the only way to deliver a system with rate transparency is to have access to a system that’s intuitive and easy-to-use without the benefit of local knowledge.

DrayMaster achieves transparency like this: We onboard your vetted truckers and upload their precise contracted pricing including all known fees and charges. This pricing then becomes available to your staff no matter where they’re sitting. If necessary, we can also provide selling rate management to facilitate quoting resulting in protection of your desired margins.

There’s no other way to scale regionally or nationally without a rate management system like DrayMaster.

If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers schedule a demo here to see DrayMaster live.

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