Drayage Optimization is Leading the Way for Companies to Gain Edge in Marketplace

Drayage Optimization is Leading the Way for Companies to Gain Edge in Marketplace

Those that have the data win.

Or so it would seem in an industry plagued by inefficiencies, under-capitalized carriers and outdated technology.

The drayage segment of the trucking industry is in desperate need of optimization, upgraded technology and transparency. Market forces, new regulations, driver shortages and increasing demands are stressing the old systems.

Technology companies like DrayMaster are providing real time digital platforms and slowly winning over consumers of drayage and Draymen alike.

End-to-end visibility of shipments linking collaborative platforms like DrayMaster’s Intermodal Rate Management System can bring speed and efficiency common in other modes but previously not available for intermodal first and last mile.

And now a win-win for everyone.

With improved operational data, companies can better plan resources including drivers, assets and labor . This allows for flexibility in response to surges in demand.

Performance can be monitored remotely by parties, processes automated, and payment for services settled quickly with minimal dispute.

With real time data, information can flow between parties instantly, reducing lag times and opportunity for human error.

And as we all know, being able to project and budget transportation expenditures accurately is huge right now.

To see how DrayMaster can help you budget your transportation needs, if you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers schedule a demo here.

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