Change in chassis supply for CP’s Chicago Yard in Bensenville

Change in chassis supply for CP’s Chicago Yard in Bensenville

Dray Truckers and their customers can manage their chassis-related fees accurately in DrayMaster every time.

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The chassis supply landscape in the Ocean Freight shipping business is an ever changing one and it’s important that truckers get compensated correctly when they move chassis to and from the supply depots in ports and ramps throughout the US and Canada.

It’s equally important their customers can have a precise understanding of those costs for chassis positioning (commonly referred to as “splits”) when procuring transnational trucking rates for the first and last mile. DrayMaster allows truckers to build  their split charges on the front and back end based on each terminal and every Steamship Line’s equipment handled thereby allowing the most precise calculation based on each trucker’s unique rating rules and any local nuance.

The result when users lookup rates is the most accurate calculation of all known charges resulting in a tremendous benefit to both parties – accurate quotes that produce identical invoices require far fewer disputes saving time and resulting in prompt payment for the trucker and better quality accruals for the forwarder/broker/3PL. Those quotes are delivered securely and instantly online or through integration via API directly into a TMS system.

DrayMaster is the leading neutral rate management and digital delivery platform serving Draymen, Freight Forwarders and Brokers throughout the US and Canada. To learn more register for our demo today!

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