Build Value in Your Company’s Messaging When Discussing Trucking Rates

Build Value in Your Company’s Messaging When Discussing Trucking Rates

Need to have a difficult talk about raising rates?

The best way to deliver any news, especially about rate adjustments, is to accentuate the value of the products and services being offered.

This is known as building value in your messaging. And value is more than simply price.

Consider your company’s performance capabilities:

  1. Reputation for timeliness
  2. Accuracy of invoicing
  3. Customer access to online tools
  4. Consistency of communication
  5. Service performance
  6. Account management
  7. Frequent training and QA checks

When expressing drayage rates, include details about the value in these services and what they mean to the customer. Don’t assume the customer knows–tell them.

For example, DrayMaster offers time saving tools with its drayage rate management system to create value:

  1. Real-time rate info and benchmarking
  2. Bid tools for batch rating
  3. Secure and reliable platform 24/7

What does the customer get for their loyalty?

  1. Freedom (more time to focus on other business priorities)
  2. Reliability (they can count on your company to do what you say)
  3. Best value for the price (even though prices may go up, with all the value adds, your company is still the best bet)

Following these simple tips in your communications will increase customer loyalty.

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