Win-Wins for Forwarders and Carriers

January 24, 2019

4 minute read

Win-Wins for Forwarders and Carriers

January 24, 2019

4 minute read

Relationships between forwarders and carriers are sometimes love-hate relationships.  They need each other, but sometimes the constant calls and emails against deadlines can cause friction. Trust isn’t always what it should be.

When freight forwarder OEC Group adopted the DrayMaster tariff management and quote system, they were surprised how powerful it was in creating win-win situations with their carriers.

Troy Deocharran, OEC Group’s Regional Vendor Selection Manager, explains how they gained carrier trust.

“At first, some carriers were afraid to put out tariffs. That’s understandable. Tariffs are their proprietary information and they’re understandably nervous if they don’t know where they’re going or they don’t trust where they’re going.”

“After we explained how we’re going to use their tariffs, in the secure DrayMaster system, they started to see that it makes sense for them.”

“Just think about it.  OEC has 396 people in my region alone. If half of those people were asking for rate quotes, the carriers would get flooded with calls most times just to confirm a rate for a customer quote or accrual on an actual DO”!

“We explained to them that if you put together a rate sheet and we both agree upon the rates, I promise that no one is going to call and email you asking for rates.”

“More than 90% of the carriers that we’ve introduced to DrayMaster were willing to do it because, not only do they trust the partnership with OEC, but they started to see the benefit of not having dozens of OEC people emailing them daily.”

Here’s a short video showing how it works: DrayMaster for Carriers.

In the end, it is much less effort for the carrier too.

With the DrayMaster system doing the heavy-lifting, OEC and the carriers are effortlessly  streamlining quotes which is driving growth for both.  It is truly a win-win!

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