Why Polaris quotes are “Powered by DrayMaster”

Why Polaris quotes are “Powered by DrayMaster”

“You get a request for procurement from a steamship line or a major BCO with a couple thousand door points to quote.  It would take you weeks to respond,” remembers Al Iannelli, president and COO of Polaris Intermodal.

“Normally a quote request from any of the large steamship lines would take me three to four days to look up every point, run the miles, check the rate, and check if there’s any calls. With DrayMaster, that quote takes about 15 minutes to do now.”

“DrayMaster has turned my tariff and quoting processes around 100%. Now I do quotes in a matter of minutes. Or seconds sometimes!”

Al has a right to be excited. DrayMaster helped Polaris overcome the challenge of quoting extra fees and tolls too.

“There were a lot of issues on the east coast because we’re in a toll market where there’s plenty of road tolls on the highways.

“It is easy to use DrayMaster and they have a customization tab. I can change the quote on the fly if I need to add more toll, revise the rate, add a security fee or a scale fee. I have a free- form field to do that. That’s a big advantage.”

DrayMaster has also helped Polaris to produce consistent quotes, no matter which employee did it.

“Everyone’s at Polaris is now quoting the same rate. That really helped us be consistent across all our locations,” reported Al.

“When customers receive the DrayMaster quote from Polaris, it’s an official quote with our logo, fuel surcharges, a map where it’s going, a rate quote, extra fees, a quote date, and an effective until date.  There’s a lot there that makes it look professional.”

Polaris even has a sample DrayMaster quote on their website.

“We’ve got many, many emails from customers. ‘We like your quote versus other motor carriers quote.'”

“Hands down, DrayMaster is the best rate management and quote system. I would recommend it for anybody to use it. It really speeds up the quote and gives you a professional, clean look.”

Speed, consistency and a professional quote format are the results of Polaris using DrayMaster.

“It’s been so good that now on all my emails, we put ‘Rates Powered by DrayMaster,'” said Al.

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