We Automated our Freight Quotes. So can You!

We Automated our Freight Quotes. So can You!

“Automating drayage pricing was a key component to OEC Group’s 30% year-over-year growth,” reported Troy Deocharran, OEC Group’s Regional Vendor Selection Manager.

OEC Group is a top freight forwarder specializing in the trans-Pacific trade.

“Using DrayMaster for drayage costing and pricing has streamlined our processes and is a key part of our success.” DrayMaster cut the work and time spent working on drayage quotes from days to seconds for OEC.

Before DrayMaster OEC got tons of rate spreadsheets from carriers. This created many challenges…

  • Slow, manual process getting rates
  • Difficulty finding the correct carriers by service area/ramp/port
  • Lots of time searching
  • Keeping rates current was a challenge
  • Issues with file redundancy and maintaining historical rates
  • Maintaining tariffs for each carrier/port/terminal was hard
  • Preferred carriers weren’t always used
  • Data quality in spreadsheets was poor…lots of misspellings and missing zip codes
  • Emails with large files back-and-forth with the carriers

“Most everything was done by Excel spreadsheet and it was just a disaster because we worked with hundreds of dray providers across the country and processed about 6,000 door moves per month.” remembered Troy.

“We uploaded all the tariffs into DrayMaster and we immediately saw how much simpler it could be.”

“The quote screen is really nice. Quotes come in a very professional format that shows the practical truck route on a map. It lists all possible accessorials and any disclaimers that you want.  It’s a real problem solver.”

This short video explains how it works.

“We also chose to use the customer-facing rate option with DrayMaster which is a real efficiency gainer.  Like us with our carriers, selected customers don’t need to contact us to get a quote – they can just log-in to DrayMaster, get their own pricing, that we control and and maintain.  They love being able to self-service (and so do we!)”

Troy gives this advice to other companies considering automating freight rates.

“First, spend the time with your primary dray carriers on the front end and get all their tariffs loaded and tested because the pay-off in time savings for all parties is huge. DrayMaster’s Customer Success team will help you each step of the way.”

“Second, develop any new carrier relationships to the point where they feel comfortable committing to a tariff. That’s the way to streamline.”

“DrayMaster is a key part of our success in streamlining and growth. DrayMaster picked one thing and they’re doing it really well. They’re not trying to be a ‘Jack of all trades.”

If you’d like to find out how DrayMaster can help your company, contact us for a FREE consultation or visit us at www.DrayMaster.com.

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