Useful Freight Quote Format won Customers’ Hearts and Business

Useful Freight Quote Format won Customers’ Hearts and Business

Whoever thought that a freight quote format could end up being a competitive advantage?

When Polaris Intermodal started using the DrayMaster system, their customers noticed right away.

“Where’d you get that system? It’s really neat,” they asked.  “It’s professional. We like your quote format versus other motor carriers quotes. We love it!”

“Before we’d just send a quote in a basic email and for the most part no two were alike.  When we started using DrayMaster as our quote tool, customers loved it,” reported Al Iannelli, President and COO of Polaris Intermodal.

DrayMaster provides a consistent formatted quote loaded with useful info…

  • fuel surcharge trend data
  • a map showing where it’s going
  • itemized rate quote including all known accessorials
  • list of possible other charges and fees
  • quote date
  • expiration date
  • space for custom notes
  • clean, professional look with your logo

“It’s been so good that on all my emails, we put ‘Rates Powered by DrayMaster,'” commented Al.

DrayMaster’s quote format sets Polaris Intermodal apart. It is a competitive advantage.

“If you go on the Polaris Intermodal website you can see an example DrayMaster quote there,” said Al.

“What I’ve found is when you email a quote, people more readily come back and ask you for a discount,” said Al. “When you send out the DrayMaster quote, it’s an official document, like a contract, and you get less ‘can you lower the rate?…its a fact!’”

“I’ve seen other rate quote systems on the market. Hands down, DrayMaster is the best. I would recommend it for anybody to use it. You’d be a fool not to take it up or at least give it a hard look.”

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