Stay One Step ahead of the Storm

Stay One Step ahead of the Storm

When a hurricane or some other big storm threatens your shipments, it threatens your profits and deadlines.

Imagine that a hurricane diverts steamships from your regular port of Miami to Charleston.  The cargo is safe.  That’s great, except you don’t have any dray partners in Charleston.

How can you find new carriers from that port quickly, get accurate quotes and get them hired in a hurry?

You don’t have time to  “ask around” making dozens of calls with your fingers crossed. It is hopeless to send out hundreds of emails to carrier companies looking for the ‘needle in the haystack’ that serves that port.

Even if you find them, most won’t make time to give you a quote when they’ve never heard of you before.

How do you weather the storm?  The answer is DrayMaster.

Brokers, forwarders and 3PLs that use the DrayMaster automated quote platform have tons of carrier options at their finger tips.  It is similar to the online airline ticketing system you may have used on your last vacation.

They just type in a new lane or port and DrayMaster automatically returns carrier lines that serve that port along with their all-in, accurate quotes.

Brokers see rates from several competitors in 15 minutes or less.  They pick the best quote, award the job to the carrier line, and the load is back on track for timely delivery.

Easy breezy! (That’s a little hurricane humor).

That’s how savvy brokers use DrayMaster to ensure their loads get delivered on time — while their competition scrambles to find new dray partners.

With DrayMaster, you stay one step ahead of the storm, and your competition.

Don’t let your loads get delayed by the weather. See DrayMaster in action and if you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers schedule a demo here today!

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