Secrets of winning more freight quotes

Secrets of winning more freight quotes

How does Polaris Intermodal and MCO win more drayage quotes? One reason may be automation.

Is your company responding to quote requests manually? It’s likely that every person who quotes is a lone ranger doing it their own way without much consistency.

Your customers get different looking quotes depending on who they contacted. Without consistency, you may find it difficult to compete with the big names–your bids have no brand recognition. And, in the evening when dispatch is hectic and customer service is gone for the day you’re pretty much out of the game, right?

An automated rate management system solves all of that.

With DrayMaster, quoting is centralized using a master database of real-time rates, calculations and quote templates. Quotes are stored and easy to find in a consistent, professional format.

You know those big spreadsheets with your customers’ multiple lane RFQs that everyone dreads seeing?  DrayMaster helps you create these batch quotes in minutes. They’re more accurate and consistent than manual ones. More quotes going out means more jobs won.

DrayMaster helps drayage companies increase quote close rates from 10% to 25%. They’re winning more of the bids that you could have had.

To stay in the game, get on an even playing field. See DrayMaster in action. Schedule a FREE 30-minute demo or visit us at www.DrayMaster.com.

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