Old rates Stink worse than old Fish

Old rates Stink worse than old Fish

If you’re still estimating with old drayage rates based on linehaul and FSC, you could be guessing away your margin. Old rates stink worse than old fish.

How can you ensure that each load will be profitable if you are guessing at the rates you will be charged?  Hoping and crossing your fingers that rates haven’t changed isn’t a solution.

The complexity of the ever-changing rate and fee structures has made getting all-in, apples-to-apples quotes really difficult.

Now, you can make decisions based on the most-up-to-date rates, equipment-related fees to all zip codes using DrayMaster.

DrayMaster is an automated rate management system that takes the guess-work out of quotes.

Your company can use DrayMaster to get accurate, up-to-the-minute drayage quotes with all known charges included.  Its no more difficult to use than the online airline ticket systems you may have used when you planned your last vacation.

  • Multiple, transparent apples-to-apples quotes with all the extra fees included means you can choose the truly lowest cost carrier.
  • Short-deadline quotes are no problem since DrayMaster gives you the best prices in seconds (not days).
  • Protect your margin since DrayMaster quotes are highly accurate.  You won’t guess-away profits.
  • In case studies, DrayMaster reduced drayage costs by 4%

Dray industry veterans created DrayMaster to do what no one else has done – dig deeply into the dynamic pricing details of each carrier company’s charges, including steamship accessorials (chassis charges), and maintain a sophisticated rate engine to manage and deliver it.

Our staff works directly with the carriers to keep this information current as prices change. DrayMaster…

  • Gives your carriers an easy-to-use rate entry “wizard” that taps the industry standard PC Miler® database to provide an accurate look-up using city name or zip.
  • Has a simple web interface to look up rates. Or, rates can be displayed in a forwarders TMS instantly using API technology.
  • Includes other features such as Bid Tool which helps run batch tenders and RFQs, where drayage rates may be needed for hundreds of door points. This saves time and protects margin because the cost returned represents the complete and accurate cost.

If your company is still doing quotes the old, stinky way, schedule a FREE 30-minute demo or visit us at www.DrayMaster.com.

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