How to cut freight quote time to minutes, not days

How to cut freight quote time to minutes, not days

There just isn’t enough time to gather all the quotes needed to guarantee the best possible rates.  And you don’t always get all the extra charges in the quotes, so you’ll never really know exactly what a shipment will cost.

Brokers and Forwarders might spend DAYS getting drayage rate quotes from carriers for a single load and studies show they end up spending at least 4% more than they have to.  THAT is the PROBLEM.

DrayMaster’s online quoting system is the SOLUTION.

DrayMaster is an automated system that your company can use to get accurate, up-to-the-minute quotes with all applicable charges included in SECONDS – not DAYS.

Imagine being able to get more accurate quotes, from more carriers, immediately!  That could change your company’s bottom line and how you operate…

  • Immediate quotes mean you can evaluate more carriers, finding lower-cost options.
  • Transparent, apples-to-apples quotes with all applicable charges included means you see the whole picture and can choose smarter and faster.  (see blog: Achieve the Impossible: Apples-to-Apples Freight Bids)
  • Short-deadline requests are no problem since DrayMaster displays all your authorized carrier rates in seconds.
  • Staff can finally catch-up on all the quotes and keep up-to-date going forward, eliminating staff costs and stress.
  • Invoice disputes decrease since DrayMaster quotes are so accurate to begin with. That saves weeks of haggling over invoice charges.

DrayMaster was formed by drayage industry veterans to solve inefficient tariff management. We do what no one else has done – dig deep into the intimate details of each carrier company’s tariff and maintain a sophisticated rate engine to manage it.  Our staff works directly with the providers to keep this information current as prices change.

We tap the industry standard PC Miler® database to convert a carrier’s tariff from a paper list to a digitized, accurate points list with correct zip codes.  We maintain private, negotiated rates and community rates from many Draymen.

DrayMaster is a simple online tool that operators use to look up rates. In addition, rates can be displayed in a forwarders TMS instantly via DrayMaster’s API library.

It also assists forwarders and brokers with tenders and RFP’s, where batch queries of drayage rates may be needed for hundreds of door points. This saves time and protects margin.

When it comes to getting freight quotes, DrayMaster is the fastest and most accurate tool available.

Prove it to yourself. Schedule a FREE 30-minute demo or visit us at www.DrayMaster.com.

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