Hey Carriers, Quote Consistency Counts

Hey Carriers, Quote Consistency Counts

Brokers and forwarders will always question carriers that quote different rates on the same lane from different employees, even if there’s a legitimate reason.

Most carriers aren’t trying to pull a fast one. It’s just that their behind-the-scenes systems may not support users trying to get a quote to a customer, particularly in the hours after customer service goes home.

Polaris Intermodal tackled the issue head-on by using DrayMaster to produce consistent, reliable, repeatable quotes across the all employees in the company.

“Before DrayMaster, my terminal managers would quote a rate and I, at the home office, would quote a rate at the same point. We might not be exactly to the penny because he’s got different mileage on his PC Mile versus mine. With road tolls, he decided he wanted to add a little bit more money to the rate.” explained Al Iannelli, president and COO at Polaris Intermodal.

“Now with DrayMaster, if one terminal manager quotes it or another terminal quotes it or I quote it, it’s right on the money and consistent. Everyone at Polaris is quoting the same rate. That really helped us,” he added.

“When you would get those large volume requests from a forwarder, steamship line or a big BCO with thousands of door points to quote, without DrayMaster, it would be nearly impossible to keep all those rates consistent.”

“DrayMaster has turned my operation around 100%. I start with the correct base pricing and I can change the rate on the fly if I need to add more toll, a newer rate, a security fee or a scale fee. DrayMaster keeps track anytime I’ve deviated from my tariff – That’s a big advantage,” explained Al.

“Whether your terminal manager quotes the rate, or your sales guy in Florida quotes the rate, it’s continuity and everyone’s on the same page.”

“And the format is impressive, DrayMaster gives you a professional, clean looking quote. We have a sample quote on our website.”

“What it really adds to your business more so than anything is credibility. I’ve seen that the DrayMaster rate quote that the customer gets is very valuable to them, to the point where they may send it to on to their customers.”

“The value and the credibility it gives to your customer and to your company, it’s amazing.  I never gotten one negative comment on my quotes from DrayMaster.”

See DrayMaster in action. Schedule a FREE 30-minute demo or visit us at www.DrayMaster.com.

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