Freight Quote automation is the only way to stay competitive

Freight Quote automation is the only way to stay competitive

If your company is getting drayage quotes manually, studies show you might be paying 4% more than you have to.  To stay competitive, you must automate.

By automating, your company can get drayage quotes in seconds, not days including those large RFQs with many point pairs.

DrayMaster is the one-and-only automated freight quoting system for drayage.  We dug deep into all the rates, fees and charges in the drayage industry and maintain them in a system as rates and fees change.

Your company will get more accurate quotes with all applicable charges and accessorial fees included with DrayMaster. It’s a struggle to get all those costs in manual quotes.

By using DrayMaster, your company will:

  • get multiple quotes in seconds (not days)
  • source from more carrierrs allowing you to quote comfortably
  • see all-in costs with the extra fees included
  • realize cost savings from less time spent getting quotes

That’s right. Your company will save staff-hours. Getting quotes in seconds instead of days saves time.  And, getting accurate quotes with all the extra charges included, means fewer invoice disputes, also saving time.

If you’re still getting quotes manually, you don’t stand a chance against competitors who are automating their processes and and making better-informed decisions instantly.

See what you are missing… Schedule a FREE 30-minute demo or visit us at www.DrayMaster.com.

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