Ensuring Preferred Carriers Get the Jobs

Ensuring Preferred Carriers Get the Jobs

When it is time to select a carrier, ensuring that “preferred” carriers are awarded the job can be a challenge, particularly when you have multiple locations and many operators.  Here’s how one forwarder solved it across the company.

“Using DrayMaster for our quoting system is a key part of enforcing our preferred carrier agreements,” said Troy Deocharran, OEC Group’s Regional Vendor Selection Manager.

OEC Group is a top freight forwarder specializing in trans-Pacific trade.  They aggressively streamlined operations resulting in growth of over 30% year-over-year for the past three years.

“Before DrayMaster, everything was done by Excel spreadsheet and it was just a disaster because we worked with 300 to 500 dray partners across the country, doing around 6,000 door-to-door moves per month.” remembered Troy.

“Now, with DrayMaster, if I want to use one specific dray partner for doing north New Jersey to Philadelphia, I limit the scope within DrayMaster to only show that one rate on the cost side,” explains Troy,

“So it helps us on the procurement side to limit the operators’ view so that they automatically know, ‘okay, I have to use this guy.’”

That’s how OEC Group has been able to ensure that preferred carriers get the work. “DrayMaster’s a real problem solver,” acknowledges Troy.

“It’s a great technology,” said Troy. “DrayMaster made a huge difference. It’s way easier than the past of having to call or email a bunch of carriers and wait. All the rates are sitting there in the system – and I can limit the view so operators are seeing preferred carriers at the right times.”

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