Accurate Rate Quotes, the Rising Tide that Lifts all Shipments

Accurate Rate Quotes, the Rising Tide that Lifts all Shipments

Ball-park drayage rate quotes that might include only linehaul and fuel surcharge are causing a lot of wasted motion for everyone in the supply chain.

Everyone knows it is dysfunctional and inefficient…

Brokers, forwarders and intermediaries are often making decisions on partial quotes which means they are guessing at the accessorial charges, extra fees and tolls which makes their accruals, and even the basis for carrier selection inaccurate.

Carriers perform the service, and send invoices with all the additional chassis and port-related charges included, and wait to get paid. When the customer gets the invoice, the finance people push approval of the invoice back to operations because it’s higher than the accrual. Days are lost as communications go back and forth between the three of them. The invoice finally gets approved and then the payable clock starts ticking.  The carrier gets paid late, negatively impacting cash flow.

Is there an efficient way to get accurate, all-in quotes upfront without spending more time and effort emailing the world?

That’s where the DrayMaster solution comes in.

DrayMaster is a user-friendly and intuitive online system that’s in some ways similar to the airfare ticketing system you may have used on your last vacation. Most importantly, DrayMaster provides complete, accurate drayage rate quotes based on all of the known facts of the movement like tolls, chassis charges, port fees, accessorial fees, etc.

This short video shows how DrayMaster works.

Having all-in, accurate drayage rates upfront…

* lets customers understand full costs so they can make good decisions, accrue correctly, and maintain a profit margin
* speeds invoice approvals because they match the accruals
* helps carriers get paid faster
* builds trust and creates a simple and efficient ongoing business relationship between customers and carrier

Whether you’re quoting, booking, or auditing an invoice, you can pull a quote that’s complete and accurate from any computer, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or broker…register for our Demo Webinar. Truckers schedule a demo here to see what DrayMaster can do for you!

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