About Us

Travis J. Barnier | President
With over 20 years of experience in TLS, Travis approaches each customer’s transportation challenge armed with common sense and a tool belt with the right set of tools to get the job done. DrayMaster is the newest tool with the potential to revolutionize the way shippers and carriers communicate and get shipments delivered on time and under budget.

Travis has been with TCompanies, DrayMaster’s parent company, since it was founded in 2002. Prior to being named President of DrayMaster, he was head of TRX Trucking, and President of Terminal Operations Management.

Travis has a proven track record of managing people and processes.

Nikki LaTray | Onboarding-Customer Success

Nikki has always been customer-service oriented. Whether she was fighting fires for the US Forest Service, working in production for a paper mill, handling IT for Washington Corporation, I&M Rail Link and IC&E Railroad consecutively for 10 years, or owning her own bakery for 12 years, her customer’s happiness has always came first.

At DrayMaster, she says the industry is fascinating and there are plenty of challenges that allow her to be a problem solver. “I love to help customers who are really struggling,” she says. “When they’re at their wits end, I show them how DrayMaster makes their lives easier and improves their business.”

In an over-regulated and complex industry, working with Nikki will add a smile in your day and make even fixing the most frustrating quoting issue seem possible!

Andrew Adrian | Chief Technology Officer

Andrew has been building and managing software development for over 15 years. With large-scale experience in cloud hosted SaaS platforms, Andrew delivers DrayMaster customers a cutting-edge application. He has a passion for exploring new technology and how it might benefit end users.

Before joining DrayMaster, he served as Chief Technology Officer for mDog Corporation where he was responsible for the mobile initiatives of major national publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, Ziff-Davis and The Hollywood Reporter.