7 Traits of a Good Intermodal Drayage Carrier Company

7 Traits of a Good Intermodal Drayage Carrier Company

When searching for a good drayage carrier company, there are seven things to look for…

1. Compliance

Ask for a copy of their DOT authority and make sure insurance policies are up-to-date and coverage levels adequate. Also, check CSA scores on FMCSA.

2. Reputation

Check the internet for news articles about the company, any lawsuits or pending judgments.  Check the Better Business Bureau in their home city for any complaints. Ask for references of current customers and call the references. When working with California carriers, check the California DIR website.

3. Sound Finances

Pull a credit bureau report checking for a good credit rating and ensure they aren’t far behind on paying their creditors or worse, their drivers. Habitually poor credit is usually a sign of instability.

4. Tender Refusals

Do they say “no thanks” often?

A tender refusal goes something like this…“Mr. Carrier, here’s a booking. I have a container to move between 5 and 9 o’clock next Monday. Will you accept that booking?”

When you try to tender a load to them, if they refuse a high percentage of the time, that’s probably not a good match for you.  Strike them off the list and stop wasting your time with them.

5. Competitive Rates

Being able to evaluate accurate carrier rates and fees is crucial.

You need the ability to get precise drayage rates quickly and include that into your decision-making.  DrayMaster is a great place to start.

DrayMaster is the leading drayage rate management and digital delivery system.  It provides accurate, all-in pricing in instantly for your dray partners serving the location.

It is similar to the online airfare system you may have used on your last vacation.  If you haven’t tried DrayMaster before, click here for a free demonstration.

6. Good Service and Relationships

These go hand-in-hand.  Doing business with a carrier that is on top of things and calls immediately whenever something doesn’t go according to plan, that’s good service.

Relationships are important, because in the drayage business, from time to time, things go wrong.  The measure of a good company, is how they react.

Do they throw their hands up in the air and say “Too bad, so sad. Not my fault”? Or, worse. Do they not tell you about it at all? In transportation if your carrier calls you proactively they can offer a reason and a solution…otherwise if you call them all they can give you is an excuse.

7. Communications

A good drayage carrier won’t try to hide it. They will proactively communicate the issue, take responsibility for their portion of it, and offer ways to solve it. They are transparent and honest.

They offer solutions even if those solutions may have a price tag.  “I can fix this for you but it’s gonna cost more money” is far better than hiding the problem from you.

Using these seven traits, you can vet and find good drayage partners.

DrayMaster is the best starting-point manage your drayage carrier companies and make that information easily available throughout your company.

See how easy it is to find new carrier in this short video.

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