5 Quick Considerations in Drayage

5 Quick Considerations in Drayage

Insiders reveal the top five quick tips for selecting a drayage provider:

  1. True cost of drayage. There is more to drayage than linehaul and fsc. Port charges, equipment charges can affect the true cost in a big way.
  2. Safety and public reputation. A company’s commitment to safety affects cost–both upfront and hidden. Safety can influence on time deliveries and reliability.
  3. Access to data 24/7. Having in-gate/out-gate status, confirmation of delivery and being able to track the location of a shipment in transit can be critical.
  4. Availability to drayage management systems. Some software offerings are free, while other premium tools add additional cost. Decide what resources and tools are best for your company and if the cost makes sense. DrayMaster’s quoting software can help your company run more efficiently and help you win more bids.
  5. Scalability. As your company grows, so should its drayage management system. Employing the right automation tools can help you scale-up your business without adding manpower. Responsiveness is critical in our evolving marketplace

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