Tap our extensive API library and share precise rate info for quoting and execution strategies
TMS Integration
Bring dynamic rate information and instant benchmarking into your booking processes real-time
RFQ Assistance
Our Bid Tool provides batch rating for large RFQs bringing accuracy and time saving to larger opportunities
In The Cloud
A reliable and secure Internet-based platform allowing computing from anywhere in the world 24/7/365

Engaging Technology to Take the Complexity out of Intermodal Rate Management

For 4 years the DrayMaster Team put technology to work in the intermodal trucking arena. Our goal was to build a community where Carriers and 3PLS, Freight Forwarders and Brokers could exchange complete and accurate information in a trusted and secure environment. The DrayMaster community continues to grow with leaps and bounds. Every quarter we release new features to enhance user experiences while keeping the platform easy to use.

Trucking Companies
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3PLS, Freight Forwarders and Brokers
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Our Community


“We engaged DrayMaster to handle our US Drayage Procurement RFQ Project back in April of 2016 and subsequently to manage our US Drayage Rates. The team at DrayMaster are excellent communicators, stay focused on deadlines and follow through on every request we have made. The ability for our company to make decisions knowing all of the rate components has the potential to save us a significant amount of money. I would highly recommend DrayMaster.”

Laura Brennan | Regional Head of Ground Transportation, V.P. | Panalpina Inc.

``DrayMaster has become a very important part of our operations. The rate application is used by external customers and internal customers alike. We want to be able to respond to quote requests in a very short period of time. It is also important that the rates quoted are the same, regardless of who is sending the rate, when they are sending it, or where the rate is being sent from. The customer’s needs must be evaluated and clarified in short order and the ability to have the information available and accurate at the exact time it is needed, is critical. The DrayMaster program is very easy to set up and can be modified from time to time without a lot of hassle. We have really come to depend on DrayMaster as an extension of our business systems and they represent our company well to those we are doing business with, as well as those we hope to earn as a customer. Pricing for container drayage can be tricky for those who are new to the business and we believe DrayMaster makes it as simple as possible.``

Scott Batey / BP Express, Inc.

``We started working with DrayMaster several months ago. After a few strategic meetings, we agreed that MCO would be a good fit to work with the DrayMaster’s Team and use their rate management platform. Our transition from our existing rate management platform to DrayMaster was seamless. This product is a valuable tool in our company. Not only is it user friendly, but we can have more than one user quoting rates at the same time (which helps better our customer service to our customers!) The rate confirmation sheet is well organized and in an easy to understand format. The DrayMaster Team is made up a great group of people who are easy to work with and always accessible! They are always willing to help and quickly respond to any communication via email or phone. Their rate management platform makes a difference with our company, and we appreciate DrayMaster for all their efforts in helping us to grow our own business and customer base.``

Penny Tertzagian / MCO Transport

``DrayMaster has been very accommodating to the needs of Pacella Trucking. They are very easy to work with. It keeps my rates in one simple and easy to use place. My customers have access 24/7, and they don't have to rely on someone getting back to them with a quote. It saves time looking for quotes on paper I have all over the place. The ability to include tolls in your rate is very helpful.``

Anthony Pacella, V.P., Pacella Trucking Express, Inc.

``DrayMaster is a vital piece of our intermodal trucking rate management solution. By adding Draymaster’s rate management software we have been able to respond to our customers rate requests in a more timely and accurate manner. Our intention was to find a company that understood our requirements and had the team to deliver and support those requirements. Draymaster is that company``.

Al Iannelli, Agency President / Polaris Intermodal

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